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If you have enjoyed my short stories then why not try one of my novels. I know you will be pleasantly surprised when you join Brad on a voyage of sexual discovery in
Brad, or when you find out what Taddy gets up to when he joins a training base for young sailors in Skin. Or travel with Luke on his journey from Scotland to Dorset in Going Down, a journey full of surprise. Join Sandy in his quest to ride the big one - and I don’t mean waves - in Riding the Big One, then join him again on his second ship in Spunky Sailor. Meet up with Brad again and have fun with farmhand Liam and other tasty guys in Run Naked Run Free. Meet up with four young sailors at their reunion in Virgin Sailors and find out what secrets they each hold since they left training. Yes, join a whole bunch of sailors and young guys in a variety of tales. The lads will keep you up all night long. Non-erotic is the beautiful love story everyone is talking about, to be a movie, COWBOYS CAN FLY.

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